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"I want to start off with a thank you! Your book has been an enlightening read and has opened my eyes and guided me to moments of pause that I would otherwise not have come to. Dense with wisdom, it's one I've forced myself to read slowly and thoroughly. As I conclude the book, I find myself more open and aware, especially of my relationship with the environment around me and how I exist within this space. Your questions forced productive introspection, and prompted in-depth conversation for myself and my family. The thing I really appreciated about 'Time is Cows' is how there really is something in there for everyone. A beautiful bridge between two starkly different cultures, not revealing how one is better than the other, but showing just how much we can learn from each other if we're willing to ask questions and be genuinely interested in learning from those responses."

— Henry Davis, CEO at Blue Marble

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18 Sep

Yoga class, from 6:00-7:00pm. Dr. Tanya guides you in the physical poses, breathing techniques, meditation and philosophy of yoga. Modifications are given, questions encouraged and all are welcome. Class is held at OM Movement studio in Coconut Grove, Miami.

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September 13th, 2019

Today I feel like talking about the downsides of 'youth culture'. For years, I have thought about the differences in the cultures I spend time in - Tanzania, Europe, the United States - and how people have v… Continue...

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