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Maasai Yoga & Meditation DVD

Traveling several hours on rough roads through northern Tanzania, pioneering Dr. Tanya Pergola and Maasai elder-healer Lekoko Ole Sululu arrived in a stunning location in the heart of Maasailand. A place in the African bush where nature is fully alive and truly inspiring. To create this program, Dr. Tanya combined her decade long apprenticeship with African traditional healers together with her teachings as a yoga, meditation and well-being instructor. With beautiful music provided by respected South African musician Pops Mohamed, you can use this program daily. Immerse yourself in the healing movements, sights and sounds of nature as you enjoy an all-levels yoga practice and a meditation that takes you on a safari in consciousness. Filmed on location at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


  • Yoga Practice for Balance & Strength (33 minutes)
  • Meditation (15 minutes)
  • My Inspiration, a conversation with Dr. Tanya and Ole Sululu (12 minutes)
  • Feature Run Time Approx. 60 min
  • A percentage of the proceeds from the DVD benefit Terrawatu

A sample of the Meditation is available here.