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Chic Maasai Yoga Mat Bag

As part of her work to create income-generating activities for rural women in Tanzania, Tanya has designed the Chic Maasai Yoga Mat Bag together with Mama Momella Foundation. These bags are durable and completely made by hand, including the embroidered logo.

The bag is intended to go on safari with you. Safari is a Swahili word that means ‘a journey’ and can be anything from taking a traditional wildlife safari to driving to do errands. Life is a journey. The bags come in many different colours, all with strong canvas mixed with traditional Maasai shuka material – the fabric worn by both Maasai men and women. There is a secure pocket for your phone, keys and small items.

A significant portion of the proceeds from each bag goes directly to the women in Momella village to help support their families. You give them hope that their handiwork can begin to lift them out of extreme poverty.

Purchase a Chic Maasai Yoga Mat Bag and help do good in this world. Supplies are limited. Colour options available.


Bag with yoga mat inside

Mamas in village in Tanzania hand-embroidering on pocket of bag