The Pergola Method™

  • The Method

    Dr. Tanya is the founder of the Pergola Method™ The method is Dr. Tanya’s very own combination of the Maasai and Ayurvedic ancient wisdom traditions. Both systems hold the belief that wellbeing is rooted in our understanding of our own mind and body as a whole. Good health is much more than just being free of sickness, it results from our enhanced awareness of the dynamic interplay between the natural environment, society, our body, mind and spirit, and the choices we make to live our life.

    In recent years, a very large amount of information on diet, exercise and medications has been made available to the public. However, it is not easy to know what is good advice - and what it is right for you - given that we are all different. The Pergola Method™ guides you towards understanding your specific needs and how to access the best resources for you.

    The elements of the Pergola Method™ are described below. Each is focused on an aspect of your life. The elements can be taken in modules and are intended to meet clients where they need the most guidance at the present time. The elements can be taken individually, in a group setting, and/or part of a retreat program. All of the elements in our Pergola Method™ can be adapted for a workplace setting.

  • Yoga & Yoga Therapy


    Dr. Tanya is a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) specialized in the following techniques: Iyengar, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Yoga for Cardiac and Cancer Therapy. She has been teaching yoga around the world since 2004 and has practiced yoga for 27 years.

    She teaches regularly at OM Movement Studio in Coconut Grove, Miami. These group classes are focused on the basics of a yoga practice: breathing, meditation, physical poses, and philosophy. The classes are perfect for those interested to start a yoga practice, students recovering from injuries, and those who have been away from yoga for some time and are keen to get back into it.

    Clients can book private yoga therapy sessions with Dr. Tanya. In a private session, you receive instruction on specific postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques customized to your own needs and health concerns. Yoga therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment including back pain, headaches, digestive problems and poor sleep. Yoga therapy is extremely useful for people living with heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases.

    Private sessions with Dr. Tanya Pergola are held in Coconut Grove, Miami or at your home. Contact to book an appointment.

  • Meditation Mentoring

    Learn how to begin a proper meditation practice for stress reduction, improved concentration and many physical and mental health benefits. Dr. Tanya, an experienced meditator for over 10 years, helps you incorporate the practice of meditation into your life, in a way that works for your schedule and circumstances.

    She leads regular meditation classes and workshops and is available for private meditation mentoring sessions.

    See schedule for classes and workshops.

    Contact to book a customized training.

  • Primordial Sound Meditation

    Primordial Sound Meditation is a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the Vedic traditions of India. Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon have revived this ancient process and made it available in a format that is easy for anyone to learn.

    Vedic Master Educator, Dr. Tanya Pergola, is certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM), the most powerful tool we have for experiencing the profound peace and expanded awareness that lies beyond the mind’s noisy thought traffic. Dr. Tanya has been teaching PSM for over 8 years at private retreats and group sessions in the United States and Africa.

    You can easily learn PSM in four short sessions spaced over a period of just a few days. The process unfolds as follows:

    Session One: Dr. Tanya will introduce you to the basic principles of meditation, including its history and the importance of your mantra.

    Session Two: You will receive personal instruction in your Primordial Sound mantra and learn how to use it. You will also experience your first meditation practice using your Primordial Sound mantra.

    Session Three: In this session you will learn more about the healing benefits meditation creates for the mind and body. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and get answers to any questions that have come up for you so far in your new meditation practice. The session concludes with a meditation guided by Dr. Tanya.

    Session Four: In the final session, you will learn about the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular PSM practice. Dr. Tanya will share with you how to nurture your daily meditation practice and what you can look forward to within just a few weeks.

    Primordial Sound Meditation is recommended for anyone who wishes to receive one of the greatest gifts around for stress management and better sleep; and for those wishing to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom, and mastery of life.

    PSM training can be scheduled as private sessions, for a couple, or as a group.

    UPCOMING PSM TRAINING: April 6 & 7, 2019 at OM Movement, Coconut Grove, Miami.

    Contact for more information.

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    Lifestyle Coaching gives you one-to-one attention in helping you identify where you need support and guidance toward living the life you want to be living. Using principles of cutting-edge social psychology and ancient wisdom traditions from India and Africa, Dr. Tanya helps you gain a clear understanding of what beliefs and choices are holding you back and may be leading to feelings of discomfort, exhaustion, anxiety and/or depression. Learn how to strengthen yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Discover how to let go of self-sabotaging and addictive behaviors, reclaim your identity, and achieve life-work harmony. These sessions guide you through true transformation and into a place of inner peace, strength and ultimately, more joy.

    Sessions available in-person and on-line. Contact Dr. Tanya Pergola

  • Home Cooking Class

    Dr. Tanya is an accomplished and passionate home cook. Trained in traditionally healthy Italian kitchens and influenced by cooks from Africa, Asia and Peru, she will come to your own house and teach you simple techniques to choose what to cook, how to shop well and how to create easy, delicious meals that are healthy yet very appealing!

    Contact us to get started in your own kitchen.

  • Safari Guides of Wisdom Training

    ‘Safari’ means ‘a journey’ in the Swahili language. Learn amazing tools to guide you on your life’s journey in the Safari Guides of Wisdom (SGW) training. Based on four soul questions: who am I? what do I want? how can I serve? and what am I grateful for?, the SGW training guides you in designing your own blueprint for the life you want. The program gently guides you through true transformation and into a place of inner peace, strength and ultimately, more joy.

    Modules include:

    Rhythm to Your Day
    Discover Your True Self
    Food as Medicine
    Ancient Wisdom and Practical Spirituality
    Compassionate Communication
    Maasai Yoga & Meditation
    Being a Good Citizen of the World

    The Safari Guides of Wisdom training is available as part of Dr. Tanya’s retreats and Healing Safaris and as a customized program for groups.

    Contact for more information.

  • True Beauty

    True beauty on the outside of you emerges from being beautiful inside. Do you want to be more beautiful, healthy, and energized than you may have ever been? Learn an exciting and practical program to help transform you from the inside out. Through six pillars of healthy living, you receive practical tips, tools, and innovative routines that allow you to achieve your highest potential of beauty and health.

    The six pillars include:

    Internal and external nourishment

    Living naturally
    Avoiding excessive stress
    Better understanding your relationships and emotions
    Inflammatory foods

    Contact for more information for yourself or your group.

  • Cleanse Program

    Periodic cleansing detoxifies body tissues, cleanses your digestive system, jump starts weight loss, increases your energy and creates a more radiant, luminous complexion. Dr. Tanya guides you on a 7-Day program using a gentle blend of Ayurveda herbs incorporated into a daily schedule of balanced eating and activities. In your initial consult, you receive guidance and support, including healthy meal planning, that continues throughout the week of your cleanse.

    Group cleanses are held seasonally. Please inquire for next start date.

    Contact for more information for personalized program.

  • Restful Sleep

    Many people do not sleep well and do not wake up feeling refreshed. It is not easy to live your day at your best without getting a good night’s sleep. In this workshop you will learn about restful sleep techniques and practice a deep relaxation that helps you both to fall asleep and to get back to sleep if you awake in the middle of the night. You receive an audio recording of this deep relaxation practice you can use at home, as well as a simple yoga practice that helps you move into sleep.