Today is Still Young

Published June 6th, 2016

I don't know about you, but so many people I have been talking to and working with lately are telling me they are going through major changes in their lives, transformations even. Normally I take notice of this phenomenon and figure that, according to the law of attraction, I may also be going through a transformation myself.

Yet, when I take a look, I have to report that on many obvious levels my life doesn't seem too changeable. In fact, things have been pretty steady for some time; which is not that 'normal' for me. I've been at my home in Miami for most of this first half of the year, aside for one trip to Europe and a weekend away in the Florida Keys for my birthday. I've been teaching and seeing clients regularly at my new office near my home, and even shopping for many of the same food items to cook with, aside from the occasional foray into cooking new dishes like Thai soups (thank you Jamie Oliver for your beautiful recipe App).

I have to admit, as a globe-trotting Gemini, this lifestyle would have made me restless a few years ago. I am actually surprised I feel so at ease.

During my walk today through Vine Pergola at Fairchild Gardens, an insight came through me. I have been telling everybody who is going through changes and in the midst of transformation, to "keep steady, keep doing the things that ground you." There is so much change 'in the air' it is easy to get swept away by it all: try the newest food fad, pursue work that (could) bring in a lot more cash, go after the new shiny friend or partner. This is not to say that you shouldn't explore new things, rather "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" so to speak.

While my own daily life may be looking quite routine, I can feel the changes all around me. This is probably why I am choosing to stay the course. As the Vine Pergola always reminds me, the wooden and stone structures that form its shape are steady, while the vines grow, blossom and eventually wither away.

Personally, I follow an Ayurvedic-African daily rhythm that grounds me, honoring the times of day that correspond to the elements of nature. I always begin each day with meditation and yoga practice. In fact, with all this transformation in the air, I've been extending my practice time, eating more grounding/indigenous foods, and spending more time just being. By staying steady, I get to see, feel, taste, touch and hear all the new ideas, flavours, activities and scenes that are blossoming up out there, and decide which one(s) will actually nourish me. It's a practice, and I ain't saying it is easy, at first. By staying conscious and mindful we'll get there. I believe.

I received a message from one of my teachers this morning:

"What wonderful news (that my book Time is Cows won the Nautilus Book Award). Am so proud of us and yet this is morning and today is still young. More to come. Thank God."

Hold on my friends, and the times they are a-Changin'...


The ephemeral Jade Vine

Sunlight through the majestic Baobab tree