Inspiring Vines of the Pergola - Rituals

Published August 7th, 2015

I've been working on my audiobook this week. To tell you the truth, I am really enjoying reading my book out loud. Even though it is not overly stimulating to read the script to an inanimate mic and laptop, I truly feel like I am telling a story; one that will soon be available to the world to listen to. This makes me very excited.

Yesterday, I read / told the story of my visit to a Maasai boma (homestead) on the Tanzania - Kenya border where I had spent the night while paying my respects to a family who had just lost their patriarch…

I awoke to the sounds of morning in the boma, or homestead—cows, their bells clanking, being taken out to graze, children shouting as they began to play, birds greeting the day with song. I looked around at my surroundings to remind myself where I was, but the first thing I perceived was how I felt. How, I wondered, could I feel so calm and wonderfully at peace in such un-luxurious accommodations? The walls surrounding me were made of mud and dung plastered around pieces of timber. The floor was packed dirt. There was nothing else in the room other than the bed and a chair made of bamboo and goatskin on which I had put my small bag the night before. No bedside lamp, no electricity. All I knew was that I felt at ease and fresh, like a brand new day had dawned and all the complexity of the day before had been magically washed away. Had these people done something to me while I slept? - from Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai

I go on to describe profoundly simple rituals I was taught by the Maasai that we can adopt and adapt for our busy, modern lives.

  • Before you go to sleep, review the events of your day and give thanks.
  • Ask others in the morning "how did you wake up?" and get a gauge on what kind of day it may be.
  • Share dream experiences with others and get a gauge on where things are at.
  • Connect with others over morning chai, or coffee, either in-person or virtually, and chat about what is important to do that day for the betterment of your tribe.

While there are several, beautiful morals to this particular story, I would say the overarching one is that rituals - when designed properly by those involved - help us move through our lives feeling, well, more alive! Rituals help connect us to each other more deeply. And, they so gently nudge us towards a better relationship with ourselves.

As Vine Pergola reveals to me every week, as we continue to grow, entangle, detach, go dormant, and blossom in our lives, having structure to hold us keeps it all more amazing.

Have a great weekend my friends.


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