A Bridge between Worlds

Published August 21st, 2015

I'm departing soon to head back to my other home, in Africa. As always seems to happen the days before I shift continents, I feel a swirl of emotions running through me: excitement, joy, gratitude, and, some sadness, knowing I'll be away from loved ones for a while.

Today, as I walked through Vine Pergola, I really felt as though I was walking through a covered bridge, connecting my worlds, preparing me for my transfer across the pond. I walked in from Florida and emerged in Africa, with a majestic baobab tree in full view.

I've been traveling back and forth between the States and Africa for over 15 years. Obviously, I am very familiar with the similarities and differences between life in Seattle, Miami, and Tanzania. Over the years, I've had to bring over less 'necessities' from the States (e.g. saline solution, properly roasted coffee beans) as almost everything is available there now. Materially, things have converged.

Psychologically and culturally, there still are big differences. At least there were last time I was there, 20 months ago. Time seems to move more slowly in Tanzania. I am looking forward to that. My body-mind is excited to be heading to a place that seems to honor nature's rhythms first, not just with interactions with the natural environment, but with each other as well. In other words, there always seems to be a more soul-full rhythm to things. I am curious if that remains, knowing how so much of the world is converging in this realm as well, given technology's prominence in directing our lives.

I'm also preparing to answer a lot of questions about how things really are in the States, and other places I have been since the last time I was in East Africa. I enjoy telling stories, the ones people don't see on the headline news. This time around, I have a feeling I will be telling some really good ones, in an attempt to explain what is happening in the States politically, economically and culturally. Wish me luck!

So, my next blogs will be out of Africa. I look forward to sharing with you the news and stories from there. Stay tuned!


A leaf along the way at Vine Pergola, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

The majestic baobab tree upon emerging from Vine Pergola