Dr. Tanya Pergola is an internationally acclaimed award-winning author, inspirational speaker, community development orchestrator, healing safari guide, and yoga and meditation instructor. For over fifteen years she has been sharing timeless indigenous wisdom tailored to help individuals with modern day stresses. Her approach to health and well-being encourages true transformation in people and in the communities they touch.

Born in the United States, Tanya holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology. She is a Chopra Certified Vedic Master Educator, a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and has apprenticed with traditional Maasai healers in East Africa for over ten years. Dr. Tanya is the author of the award-winning book Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai and the producer and is featured in the DVD Maasai Yoga & Meditation.

Close to her heart is Terrawatu Tanzania, a pioneering organization she co-founded in 2000. Terrawatu has initiated and managed dozens of projects, building lasting bridges between communities in Africa, the United States and Europe.

The surname Pergola means a garden structure that offers protection from the glare of direct sunlight and gives climbing plants a structure to grow on. The Pergola provides beautiful support during times of growth and transformation.

Dr. Tanya Pergola
Sociology/Social Psychology, Univ. of Washington, Seattle
Chopra Certified Vedic Master Educator, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Maasai Healing Practitioner


"First of all, please let me say that - you are brilliant. Your book is inspired and your work is inspiring. You so clearly and accessibly introduced beautiful Maasai concepts that NEED to be communicated to our society. I do not pour praise like this easily or often...but I truly feel like I was meant to get a hold of this book of yours."

— Cristina Gonzalez, Seattle, Washington

GOD continues blessing me, and most assuredly he did when he brought Tanya and I together at a charity event last year! Over the years, I've tried different styles and methods of meditation but none "stuck". Then, I was privileged to take the Primordial Sound Meditation Course with Dr. Tanya. Using my personalized mantra, I've connected back to myself in a new and nourishing way. Shutting down the "mishugas" (craziness) of the world twice a day, at sunrise and sunset, using the tools taught in the class, my meditation has become the means through which I can focus and let go! And how sweet to be able to pop in a DVD and do a gentle yoga class with Tanya whenever it suits me. Time is Cows is a wonderful presentation of Tanya's connection with humanity, nature and nurture, all of which she truly cares for, and it shows in her Spirit. In closing, I'd simply say get to know her and all the wisdom she has so carefully and lovingly gathered together and presents in various media.

— Susan Krams, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I've been a big fan of Tanya's since I met her. She exudes kindness and empathy, makes it easy to open up and speak to her. Her connection to spirit and observance of the human psyche is astounding, and I like how she combines it together with yoga and meditation practice. After taking her Chopra meditation workshop, I felt inspired, elated, and advancing further in my practice than I could have done alone. I'm also a big fan of her yoga classes, both private and also her DVD instruction, and love that she adjusts perfectly to suit my needs at the time. Tanya speaks to you like a friend, but the advice she gives is that of a woman with wisdom and an old soul.

— Milda Bublys, Miami

"Thanks for your wonderful book. I found it an intriguing blend of anthropology, healing, wellness and self discovery. I hope it finds a wide audience!"

— Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D., President, Amazon Conservation Team; and author of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

"Loving Arianna Huffington's books and now reading "Time is Cows", I feel that there is a great connection. What I loved about this book is the genuine thread of healing that reaches from deep in the soul of Africa into the hustle and bustle of the Western mind. I congratulate the author for taking the courage to connect the dots between those cultures and giving us daily tools to work with."

— Anne Biging, Founder and CEO Healing Hotels of the World

I remember Tanya walking into my place 7 years ago…I was very busy but somehow I was attracted to the way she presents herself, the lightness with sincerity. I stopped what I was doing and spent the afternoon talking to her. An afternoon well spent which led to finding a life-time teacher and a friend. Keeping her feet strongly and equally in the 2 worlds she lives in, Tanya understands the complexity of the globalized world we live in, knowing our similarity and differences. The life she chooses is extraordinary, into something unknown, she chooses to teach herself, participating and sharing in a full way of life with the people she works with. Tanya supports and helps you to help yourself.

— Senait, Cape Town, South Africa

I'm already experiencing the difference from the meditation. Like I said, I'm working in a very stressful and negative environment under huge pressure. I was a different person this week, more relaxed and for the first time saw the beauty in situations which normally would have frustrated me.

— Jannie, Johannesburg, South Africa

Loved, loved, loved our Perfect Health weekend together. Monday was an absolutely crazy day…..medical emergency before opening (mgeni), staff vehicle breaks down so everyone late, no Nitroglicerin on shelf after multiple orders….yelled at pharmacy dude, EKG machine breaks down, receptionist returns to work but immediately goes home with malaria, contractor is pissy because we have not provided him with timely information on water source……Whew! Had we not had our weekend with you, I think we would have both just imploded ;-) Week has gotten much better. Love & Hugs, S.

— Susan, Tanzania

It was certainly a pleasure to meet you too and I too think that you are just so lovely and such an amazing person. I learnt sooo much from you in the Perfect Health course. The morning yoga is going well, I do the routine at least twice in the morning. I will get there eventually. I will definitely keep in touch. Thank you Tanya.

— Molly, Durban, South Africa

I would like to thank you for speaking at the International Baccalaureate luncheon. It is always such a positive moment when someone gains insights into the lives of others from the retrospective views of those who have lived and obtained first hand knowledge of such. To be able to share this knowledge and encourage others by your outstanding example shows you to be a person of exemplary character and monumental desire to change the world for the betterment of all human kind.

— Hank Langston, Dean of Faculty at Gulliver Schools, Miami

Primordial Sound Meditation has been absolutely heavenly, and I can't thank you enough.

— Damjan, Johannesburg, South Africa